Last update: Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 9:53 AM.
Changes to SLIde
  • Implemented four of the suggestions from reviewers.
  • 1. Unix timestamp. Used to be RFC822 formatted. A lot of reviewers asked for this, independently. Let the majority rule. :-)
  • 2. Version parameter. Starts off at 0. Might possibly change it to 1 when it's announced on On the other hand a 0-based protocol version is kind of neat (never heard of one before). Current implementation just checks for its presence and that it's a valid integer. Otherwise all versions are (currently) assumed to be compatible with all others. If that should change, it will be noted in the spec.
  • 3. Timestamps can only be used once. Since we only allow timestamps to be used for five minutes, this is quite implementable.
  • 4. No longer base64-ing the signature. No need to since it is URL-encoded.
  • Still have to update the spec, but the code is implemented and changes released.
    • idApiSuite.init
    • idApiSuite.getSignature
    • idApiSuite.responder.respond
    • opmlEditor.member.validateRemote