Last update: Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 7:40 AM.

8/22/11 by DW

    • There's been a fair amount of drift as River2 has been incorporated into Blork. Now when I do a fresh install of River2 in a fresh install of the OPML Editor, I get something that's fairly useless. True, if you know how to set the options you can have a very fine aggregator in just a few steps. But why not make it so that it's nice if you don't do anything.
    • Here's my test server:
    • It starts up correctly with an admin user, and a made-up password.
    • But I can access it from the local system? Yes.
    • Here are some problems: There are no feeds on the Feeds page of the default install. There is no news on the Home page. (Same problem really.)
      • And, in fact, when I did a fresh install, this stuff was working.
      • There is no link to the Prefs page on the default install. Admin user should always have a link to the Prefs page.
      • I want to get rid of the old table-based view of the River. Let's swtich completely to Beautiful. Do it tonight.
    • This is what a response looks like now:
    • If you're posting, you must now provide an additional param, dataSerialnum, and it must match the value on the server, or the POST is rejected.
    • With that I have the implementation complete.
    • Updated the spec.
      • idApiSuite.init
      • idApiSuite.initUser
      • idApiSuite.responder.respond
      • system.verbs.apps.slide
      • opmlEditor.member.validateRemote