Last update: Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 8:50 AM.

8/24/11 by DW

    • Pages to look at first: Feeds, Prefs, Log.
      • Instead of linking into the opmleditor prefs system, create a page within the River2 site.
      • Revise the text on the Prefs page, taking out things that either are not being maintained, or are unnecessarily confusing.
        • More than one page or one page. If it's just one page, then the prefs system has to be modified (probably not too hard).
        • If it's more than one page, there is prior art for that -- worldoutline.root. But that means you can't access the prefs from the OPML Editor prefs system.
    • Must pretty-up the command center at the top of the screen. It can look a lot better.