Last update: Sat, Aug 27, 2011 at 4:01 AM.

8/27/11 by DW

    • Started out as working on look and feel, but now I'm adapting to the new identity system. Long overdue.
    • In opmleditor.init, we create an admin user if one doesn't exist, and write the admin user's password to a file in the Extras sub-folder of the folder that contains the OPML app.
    • To test it properly I had to set user.opmlEditor.prefs.flLocalMemberIsAdmin false. Might want to turn it back on later. (Already have.)
    • The local admin user needs to be able to sign in and out. There are other personalities than admin.
      • opmlEditor.viewCatalog
      • opmlEditor.initUser
      • opmlEditor.member.exists
      • opmlEditor.init
      • opmlEditor.viewMenu