Last update: Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 10:03 AM.

8/31/11 by DW

  • Nearing closure on the rewrite of the prefs system. When this is done, the prefs system will be 2012-modern, using styles and fonts. I'm getting to some degree of mastery over CSS, rather than just throwing shit up there and mindlessly guessing at the answer until something tolerable shows up. This time I think it actually looks good.
  • While I'm in here, I'm also going to get rid of password confirmation. It's an idea that thankfully has gone by the wayside. (Postscript: The new prefs system works fine without repeated passwords. So go ahead and remove the extra stuff and just prompt for the password. Use the World Outline Server prefs page as an example.)
  • Also going to retire the FriendFeed and prefs pages, though the data will remain in the object database. And get ready to write a whole bunch more.
  • I've made zero changes to the prefs outline. This is important. Even though I'm rewriting radio.prefs into a new prefs2 builtin table, it's important that old outlines continue to work. This means I'll be able to wholesale adopt this new code right off and not have to wait till I get around to a conversion.
  • To ease this process:
  • 1. I'm replacing radio.prefs everywhere with prefs2.
  • 2. I'm eliminating all <br>s.
  • 3. Not sure what else.
  • Here's a screen shot.
  • I want to pull in the prefs systems for: River2, Blork, WorldOutline -- anything else?
  • Overall there's a lot less optimization. That can come later. And may not be necessary at all. The machines have gotten a lot faster since the original version was written, and these are small outlines, not huge ones like the ones we sling around in the world outline.