Last update: Sat, Dec 31, 2011 at 12:06 PM.

12/31/11 by DW

    • I found a bug in the user interface for switching the shortening preference in Radio2 from Adjix to, something I need to do now, because Adjix is experiencing downtime.
    • In the Using Adjix panel, we have a checkbox that says "Check this box to shorten URLs with Adjix" -- but that's not what it controls. It actually determines whether or not the user's shortener prefs are to override the prefs set at the server level.
    • So if you were to uncheck it, you would not get shortened urls using your account.
    • I changed the prefs system to give you a third page, that says clearly what this checkbox does. Screen shot.
    • Also modified the Adjix page to remove the checkbox, and made it clear on the page that if you do nothing you will get Adjix-shortened URLs.
    • Now finally I think the prefs reflect reality! :-)
    • We're having problems with Adjix today, and with Twitter -- at the same time. And I've just released two pieces I've invested a lot in. Very few people can get to them, given the hurdles I've put in their way.
    • Then I realized once and for all that we should, where ever possible, be migrating away from shortened URLs.
    • The ability to count clicks isn't worth the tradeoff. And anyway, after a period of time I no longer care about how many clicks a link is getting. It's mostly about current links that I care.
    • So I was going to change the way Radio2 generates the archive page, as a place to get started on deprecating short URLs. But I was already using the un-shortened links. So that's cool