Last update: Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 9:22 AM.
Problems with FreshAir podcast
  • At some point the feed grew to include all past podcasts.
  • And at some point something changed about the guids such that River2 thinks all the items are new. Which means they all show up in the river, and they're all downloaded. Over and over. Eventually I had to unsub.
  • But I like the podcast, and don't want to have to check it manually. So I have added code to River2 to handle this case.
  • Add a new stat to each feed, mostRecentPubDate. Any item that comes in that has a pubDate older than one day before mostRecentPubDate is not considered new.
  • This keeps the flow marching forward in time, not backward -- but allows items to appear out of order in the feed, and for items to be published a bit after the feed's pubDate for that item.
    • river2Suite.readFeed
    • river2Suite.initFeed