I love using graphic symbols in web pages, so when I saw the relatively new Glyphicon package by Jan Kovarik, I knew they would play a role in our work in the worldoutline.

You can include a glyphicon in a web page with the following macro:

<%glyphicon.view (iconname)%>

There are 350 of them. The small low-res icons are free to use, but the bigger higher-resolution ones cost money to license. They're not expensive and they're absolutely beautiful. The kind of work we should reward by showering it with money.


<%glyphicon.view ("beer")%> --

<%glyphicon.view ("dog")%> --

<%glyphicon.view ("heart")%> --

<%glyphicon.view ("keyboardWireless")%> --

<%glyphicon.view ("screenshot")%> --

<%glyphicon.view ("warningSign")%> --


The img elements are class woGlyphiconImage, so you can control the styling of the images.

Optional parameter

If you want to specify alt text for the image, add a second optional parameter, with the text.

<%glyphicon.view ("beer", "Image of a beer stein.")%> -- Image of a beer stein.

List of the 350 image names

Here's a page that shows all the glyphicons.




Posted on Saturday, January 28, 2012 at 11:46 AM by Dave Winer.