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Dave Winer's linkblog feed (1/13/2011)

Girl's Death in Tucson Hits Home for Obama

After 10 seconds, he looked to his right. After 20 seconds, he took a deep breath. After 30 seconds, he started blinking. Then his jaw tightened. Finally, after 51 seconds of silence, he began to speak again.

What if Flickr fails?

A Doc Searls classic, with 49 comments.

Scripting News: Why bucket-sharing is important

So I started working on the Minimal Blog Editor, all the time planning to use the tool to make it store your feeds where you want them, not necessarily in my space. Pretty important idea.

East Village bike riders are still tailgating pedestrians on sidewalks.

Get off the bike when you're on the sidewalk, which is the *only* place people can walk.

Treasury Urged To Take Action Against WikiLeaks

In a letter, King called on Geithner to place WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange on Treasury's Specially Designated National and Blocked Persons List, which is maintained by the department's Office of Foreign Asset Control. The list includes such groups and invidusals as terrorists and narcotics traffickers, according to the State Department.