Last update: Sun, Jul 3, 2011 at 8:49 PM.

7/3/11 by DW

      • On your server: Update opml.root and worldOutline.root.
      • On your workstation: Update opml.root.
      • Add a glossary section somewhere in your outline.
      • Save it.
      • Use one of the terms anywhere in your outline.
      • View it through the web.
      • opmlEditor.worldOutline.opInsertCallback
      • opmlEditor.worldOutline.init
      • opmlEditor.worldOutline.saveWorkspace
      • worldOutlineSuite.initUser
      • worldOutlineRpcHandlers.saveUserRoot
      • worldOutlineSuite.main
      • worldOutlineSuite.saveUserRoot
    • I'm now adding a created attribute and a pgfnum attribute on every headline created in the worldOutline workspace window.
    • This will make it possible to put paragraph-level permalinks in blogpost nodes.
    • In general it's a good idea to know when nodes are created.