Last update: Tue, Jul 7, 2015 at 3:46 PM.

6/22/11 by DW

    • If a headline in the story is of nodetype link, what it points to is added as an enclosure to the post.
    • I use this feature when ever I post a podcast to Scripting News.
    • However there was a bug that is hard to understand, because it would have meant that podcasts never would have worked, but they did.
    • In any case, I carefully reviewed the code and believe it is now correct.
      • scripting2Suite.server.getEnclosure
    • Don't fail if the OPML doesn't have a dateModified or dateCreated header element.
    • Just use () for either or both.
    • Did a lot of cleanup work, caching, performance improvements.
    • First release.
    • Requires TLS to do HTTPS communication,
    • Only runs on Windows. Hope to remove this limit at some point.
    • Not complete. There are a lot of things Route 53 can do that we don't have glue for.
    • Also limits of 100 domains and 100 records, though both limits can easily be removed.
    • There's glue for a RPC handler in the testing table. Only for adding domains. This will be used in the Blorkmarks functionality of the World Outline.