Last update: Mon, Jun 29, 2015 at 11:30 PM.

6/25/11 by DW

    • Posted a request for a conf call to update asap.
    • The big change -- new template conventions.
    • Old templates will barely work in the new system.
    • New Prefs page for setting the myriad fonts and colors that are now supported.
    • The Directory template prefs page goes away.
    • When Ted first heard about the code nodetype, he got excited, but this was based on a misunderstanding of how it worked. When I understood what he thought it did, I added that functionality to the todo list.
    • The hard part of this was converting a sub-outline to a script, but that's done with a new builtin script, script.subOutlineToScript.
    • Here are listings of two example scripts produced this way.