Last update: Wed, Jul 1, 2015 at 7:12 PM.

6/30/11 by DW

    • Cleaned up the display of link nodes as much as I could. Could use a review by someone more fluent in CSS. As I branch out to other things, I'm losing the confidence I had.
    • Also got rid of valign="top" in the code we generate. It seems that belongs in the stylesheet not in the source.
    • There's a lot of cleanup, and the directory code is now maintainable and will be completely plug-in-ready. As with any release involving a lot of change, there's a serious chance of breakage.
      • worldOutlineSuite.main
      • worldOutlineWebsite.["#filters"].pagefilter
    • Dan MacTough reports a problem with the View button in the world outline editing window, when the cursor points to a headline that is not within a mapped domain. I've seen the problem myself, but it had not risen to the top of my todo list. Happy to get a chance to fix this.