Last update: Wed, Nov 2, 2011 at 9:50 AM.

11/2/11 by DW

    • When garbage-collection was introduced, we created a problem for people who import OPML subscription lists into River2.
    • A subscription must be associated with a user or else the subscription will be collected. This happened to Les. He would subscribe to an OPML list, and it would work, but on the next scan it would be collected.
    • This happens when you import the OPML instead of subscribing to it, which is how I use the app, which is why I didn't catch this error.
    • This is why we need a number of serious users who use the product in different ways to monitor problems after big changes.
    • But this is definitely a good bug to fix! :-)
      • Bring river2.root to the front and choose Update front Tool from the Tools menu.
      • Choose Import OPML from the River2 sub-menu of the Tools menu in the OPML Editor. Wait for the next scan, and look at the log. Did it unsubscribe from the feeds in the OPML? Then the fix didn't work. If the feeds were read properly, the fix did work.
      • river2Suite.opmlImport
    • I'm letting this domain go. If you want to buy it, let me know.
    • In the meantime I'm going to permanently redirect it to
    • Reported by Les Orchard on the River2 mail list.
    • I love bug reports that not only describe the problem in perfect detail, but also provide the coding fix.
    • It's great to have Les back in the loop. Let's build momentum.
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