Last update: Mon, Nov 7, 2011 at 8:33 AM.

11/7/11 by DW

    • This is what the home page looks like. By the end of this session it will look radically different.
    • Cribbing user interface elements from servermonitor.root. It's the simplest example of a Bootstrap interface implementation that I have.
    • Got the menu and user-level prefs working properly. They're most of the prefs from beaut.root. Maybe the river and blogging tool shouldn't be that tightly integrated.
    • Radio2 appears in the dropdown menu if it's installed.
    • admin prefs, to set the location of the S3 archive perhaps other things.
    • Todo
      • radio2Suite.viewMenu
      • radio2Website.["#template"]
      • radio2Website.prefs
      • webApp.viewMenu
      • ["#installer"]
      • radio2Suite.utilities.validateS3path
      • radio2Suite.init
      • radio2Suite.menuCommands.setDomain