Last update: Mon, Oct 3, 2011 at 12:02 PM.

10/3/11 by DW

    • Some low-hanging fruit here.
    • The main reason I wanted to work on Scripting2 is that it has become a smaller version of the World Outline universe. At least in the way it deals with outlines.
    • The ones that interested me most were: templates, the stylesheet and blogroll.
    • I completely cleaned up the stylesheet. This is a milestone because it's the first of my apps to have a clean stylesheet. I'm getting there on all fronts. The key thing is now that I know how to make things work better in stylesheets. It means some things have to break, that's why I'm keeping the user base small.
    • But some things are ready to show. And since Scripting News is already publicly visible, anything that shows up there has been shown. :-)
    • And flow is going up. A recent piece got well over 100K page reads.