Fix Twitter breakage

Oh Twitter is fucked up this morning. None of the messages from Radio2 are going through. Same with Microliner.

I wrote it up as a post on Scripting News. Now I'm going to try to find a workaround. Read that post for background.


I'm going to look at Microliner first, because its code is more accessible.

Theory is that it will magically start working if there's a Content-Length header on POSTs. Even if there is no body.

Turns out we are broken because of the Content-Length problem. Here's the response we're getting.

HTTP/1.0 411 Length Required

Had to get in there and watch what was happening, close-up.

Looks like someone at Twitter made a change, then went home -- on a Friday night. Oh the humanity. :-)



Posted on Saturday, October 27, 2012 at 10:12 AM by Dave Winer.