Last update: Wed, Oct 3, 2012 at 1:34 PM.
Watched folder feature
  • A picture named bug.gifA new feature for OPML Editor users, allows you to set up a folder that we check periodically for new image files.
  • If we find one, we upload it, and then open a small window containing the HTML code, ready to insert into a blogpost or other web-based document.
  • The upload goes through the Static Files facility, which is configured on its own prefs page.
    • There's a new prefs page that controls the feature. Screen shot.
      • 1. Enable or disable the feature.
      • 2. Change the location of the folder we watch (you might want to put it on the desktop, for example).
      • 3. Edit the HTML template for the image.
      • 4. Change the location of the folder we use for backing up images on the local computer as they are uploaded.
    • Files must have the extension .png, .gif, .jpg or .jpeg. Case-insensitive.
    • We check every ten seconds.
    • We upload the files into a sub-folder named "images."
    • opmleditor.init
    • opmlEditor.watchFolder
    • opmleditor.thread