Last update: Sun, Oct 7, 2012 at 12:32 PM.
Stories and comments on different servers
  • Up till now we've assumed that the comment server and the server the story originated from were the same. That's no longer true.
  • To implement the change, the green button now has a new hidden parameter called editorialDomain. That's the place we respond to when you click the Save button.
  • If it all works, the change should be totally transparent. Knock wood. Praise Murphy! :-)
    • 1. Launch the OPML Editor if it's not already running.
    • 2. Choose Update opml.root from the File menu. The workstation side of the commenting system needed an update.
    • 3. Go to a page with a green button. Click on it. Write a comment. Save.
    • If it worked, all is good.
    • Note -- this page has a green button and would be a good place for a test. It also has a Disqus comment area, so if you're having trouble, there's a place to report it.
    • The opportunities for breakage here are either epic or non-existent, depending on whether I overlooked something. :-)
    • If you get this error when trying to save, that means the DNS changes haven't made it to you yet.