Last update: Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 7:40 AM.

9/15/11 by DW

    • Add a River2 pref to turn off the static rendering. I want this for Admin on Houston. No one cares about his feed. It's a waste of time to keep building it.
    • We wait till the top of the minute to do static builds, but I don't like to wait that long.
    • Added code. Now waiting for a burn-in to see if anything broke.
    • Install OPML Editor. It updates itself. Go to the Prefs menu. Can't find a table called statictext.
    • -- couldn't open it -- this was an A-record to the server we just lost. Fixed the DNS.
    • There are some sysop things in there.
    • With confirmation, update all open tools and opml.root, now.
    • I've been looking for a way to, at a user interface level, make it easy to get from River2 (for example) to the OPML Editor website menu. This isn't something a user needs to do, but the owner of the system needs to be able to do it.
    • I'm beginning to think that a simple link is the best way to go. Over on the right side of the menu, with the status information.
    • It would only be present if you're logged on as admin.