Last update: Sun, Sep 23, 2012 at 11:48 PM.
Hacking tabbed rivers
  • The other day Anton asked for instructions on how to make a tabbed river like the one I have at
  • This isn't something you can do in worldoutline tabs, though at some point I hope to have it in there. I'm not a good enough Javascript programmer yet -- it would take me a long time to do the work to make it easy. I'm sure I can do it, time-permitting.
  • However, I am happy to provide the source for the site. It's just an outline. I think if you puzzle it out, you can see how you could modify it to display your rivers.
  • This outline is served by the worldoutline software. It's just very low-level stuff. But if you're motivated, and have hacked at HTML before, I bet you can do something with this. :-)
  • Feel free to use the green button to ask questions, comment.