Last update: Sat, Sep 8, 2012 at 5:55 AM.
People's Daily feed
  • The China People's Daily feed has links that contain carriage returns.
  • This is a problem when we generate the river.js file, because carriage returns in the middle of strings cause trouble with JSON parsers.
  • And this in turn caused the World tab on Media Hackers to break.
  • According to we should be encoding carriage returns as \r.
    • And we have an encoding routine that does this. At first it was a bit of a puzzle, why isn't the encoding routine working? The answer is that we weren't calling it on links. I guess the assumption was that links couldn't legally contain markup, so there would be no reason to encode them. But here's a case, however bizarre (why put a carriage return in a link?) where the encoding is necessary. So I added it. Also added encoding for the feed-level link as well.
    • It takes years to shake out all the bugs in a format, no matter how simple it is. That's why once you have systems that work, you don't want to start again with something new that's exactly like what it replaced.
    • Note that this was neither a problem with XML or with JSON but rather with some data that pushes both formats to their limits, in an unusual way and thereby uncovered a bug in my code. So our JSON rivers got a little more solid, and that's a good thing.
    • river2Suite.viewJsonNews3