Macros that call code, release of parts

The worldoutline is getting a big new capability today -- macros that run code.

Until now macros were things that were set up before the page renders. They were text or graphic elements that you could include in your page, or not.

Now macros can be calls to code running in the Frontier environment that take parameters. The can contain calls to calls, so you can combine the functions of the macros.

However, there are strict limits on what the macros can do. For example loops are not permitted. And most verbs are disabled. Eventually sysops will be able to add their own macros, but for now I am the only one who can write code that is run by macros.

I've included a few demos, so we can check it out, before proceeding. I want to get a feel for this before adding new functions. I've learned from past systems that this is a good point to go slowly and carefully, especially if the goal is no breakage.

Here's a list of macros that are part of the initial release:

bootstrap.popover, bootstrap.twipsy, glyphicon.view, glyphicon.viewList,, string.upper, includeHttp, includeOpml, includeOutline.

Also part of this release, a verb that gets the height and width of PNG images. A long-needed feature.

Worknotes for this release:








Posted on Saturday, January 28, 2012 at 1:29 PM by Dave Winer.